About Agrifold

Agrifold is driven to support green initiatives with specialisation in the area of eco-friendly disposable consumer products in the form of organic and biodegradable tableware, which has otherwise been dominated for years by plastic and thermo-foam products. Ever since the introduction of plastic and thermoform in disposable products, it has caused much damage to environment posing serious health, environmental and biodiversity risks. Agrifold promotes using natural biodegradable and compostable products which are ecologically safe and sustainable thereby protecting the environment. Fallen palm leaves from palm tree farms are collected and used to make natural, eco-friendly disposable dinnerware without the cutting of trees. The whole purpose is to give back to nature what is taken from it with zero impact on trees, air, water, and soil for the present and future ages.

Agrifold Palm Leaf Tableware serve as natural crockery for homes, gatherings and events that easily biodegrade without creating pollution or solid waste problems for air, land and oceans. Agrifold also believes that usage of disposable products should not subdue the elegance and aesthetics of dining experience. Hence we ensure that the products sourced and offered are creatively designed to shapes of pleasant appeal.

Driving Sustainability Through Naturally Fallen Leaves

With environment at the core of its business purpose, Agrifold is driving sustainability through promotion of its natural, biodegradable & compostable palm leaf dinnerware. With each natural dinnerware offered for an elegant dining experience, we are using every naturally fallen leaf to create a chain of short, medium & long term sustainability, which otherwise would biodegrade into the soil of the origin farm. Learn more about Agrifold’s Sustainability perspectives through palm leaf products here.


  • The Agrifold mission is to provide natural and sustainable products that benefit humans and benefit back the environment, ecosystems and biodiversity at large.


  • Agrifold is committed to ensuring that our products are sourced from Manufacturers who practice sustainable methods of raw material gathering, purchasing and manufacturing without cutting of trees or damaging the environment.
  • Agrifold is committed to ensuring that our products are sourced from Manufacturers who adhere to human rights standards and undertake fair trade practices with the farms where the fallen palm leaves are originally collected.
  • Agrifold is committed to ensuring that our products are stored and handled at facilities that practice sound working conditions for the workforce involved in handcrafting to finished look of these products.
  • Agrifold is committed to ensuring that our products are routed through robust supply chain modes to reach our end consumers.