Pricing Policy

Pricing Policy

INR / Unit rates mentioned above are Ex-Factory & will remain subject to Taxes and following costs being extra: Inland trucking till India Port of Departure, Tenure / Cargo & Voyage Insurance, any customised Packaging & any customised Freight-packing, India Taxes, Destination duties etc. Areca palm leaf dinnerware is traded in & from India under HSN code 46021919 / 46021990 and Birchwood dinnerware is traded under HSN code 44219090.

All INR / Unit rates are as per raw material & input costs as on date & may remain subject to variance/s during each active year of operation. Basis the month of Order confirmation received, the Order Invoice will be updated as per prevailing material costs / rates.

Pricing and Quantities once confirmed vide Order Note with advance payment/s will be treated as final for fulfilment unless discussed and amended in writing.

  • Goods: As will be agreed
  • Processing: As will be agreed if any
  • Freight & Insurance: Subject to actuals on LCL and/or FCL rates basis & as per GRI update released at time of shipment by Freight Forwarder of Seller / Buyer
  • Taxes & Duties if any: Subject to actuals in India & in destination at time of shipment & delivery

2. Timeline: Project / Program Timeline as per Estimates & both Parties to jointly review the same at close intervals & shall fully endeavour to fulfil mutual obligations under this Project.
4. Once Order acceptance is acknowledged hereunder, technical changes is discouraged as it may lengthen the processing period. However both Parties to discuss if any feasibilities may exist.
6. The LCL/FCL CBM as may get depicted in the initial Order confirmation Illustration/s shall be construed to be as per calculations on paper & will remain subject to actual CBM & fitments at time of execution of Shipment. Any increase in Goods quantity required subsequently to fill up the desired part of pending CBM vs FCL/LCL CBM shall be dealt with as per CIF Rates, Terms & Conditions as agreed; any change shall remain subject to mutual discussions.
8. The Seller will provide all Freight-related documents to the Buyer as per the guiding rules of appointed Freight Forwarder.
9. Bulk Goods once sold / despatched via shipment with acknowledgement by Buyer will not be applicable for returns or exchange or refund under our current business policies, unless discussed and effected in writing as per interest of both Parties and subject to original contract / order terms and conditions.